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2017 Hawaii Photography Workshop

PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP LIKE NO OTHER! Explore, learn and chase the light across the mountains, valleys and rugged coastlines of the Big Island of Hawaii. Featuring lush rainforests, pristine beaches, stunning waterfalls, winding streams, otherworldly lava fields, frigid snowfields, mysterious caves, vast grasslands and starry skies, the Big Island is the most diverse piece of land on Earth and is a true nature photographer's paradise. BEST OF ALL: the lava is flowing into the ocean again, which means NOW is the time to take advantage of shooting it! More on this below.

Join professional nature photographer Kory Lidstrom as he takes you on an epic photography adventure across the entire island. He'll be your guide throughout the workshop, both in the field and in the classroom.

When: February 20th - February 24th, 2017 -- 5 days!
Price: $2,495 per person
Deposit: $495

• Workshop includes lodging AND ground transportation!
• Limited to only 4 participants maximum!
• All park fees included!
• Please be sure to read the FAQ and cancellation policy below.
• If you have any questions, contact Kory.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the workshop instructor?

That’s me, Kory Lidstrom! I’m an accomplished professional nature photographer and have been shooting and exploring the Big Island of Hawaii extensively for over a decade now. Some of my Big Island images are featured in and on the cover of the December 2016 issue of Popular Photography, which is the largest photography magazine in the world.

Whether it be the best sunset spot, best sunrise spot, best waterfall, best rainforest, best beach or best place to grab a bite, I have a knowledge of the island that few other photographers do. My number one priority is to put you in the best places at the best times to get the BEST images. That’s my job and I love it!

Will I get to see lava?

If it's flowing: yes! GREAT NEWS: AS OF DECEMBER 2016, THE LAVA IS FLOWING INTO THE SEA AGAIN, WHICH IS THE HOLY GRAIL OF LAVA SHOOTING! I'll take you to the lava by boat and by land, so that you'll get to see it from two totally different perspectives. Keep in mind that lava flow is a fickle thing, and can change course or stop altogether without notice. The upshot is that once lava chooses a path, it usually stays on that path for a good long while before changing again. Rest assured that if it's flowing at the time of the tour -- which it most likely will be -- I WILL take you to it!

How skilled do I need to be?

All skill levels are welcome, from the beginner to the expert. I'll be on-hand at all times to answer your questions, and can offer as little or as much instruction as you would like. At the least, you should be familiar with your equipment and its operation. Always bring your camera manual if you're a beginner.

What kind and how much equipment should I bring?

All participants will need an SLR or other interchangeable lens camera system. As for lenses, I recommend lenses that cover the 35mm equivalent range of 17-300mm, with the emphasis on the wider end especially. A good macro lens will be useful for shooting the lush local flora. You'll also want to bring a polarizing filter and, if possible, at least one or two SOLID Neutral Density filters. (These filters lengthen exposures and are useful for artistic effects.) Lastly, a tripod and a shutter-release cable are a must.

Do I need to be in shape for this workshop? How physically demanding is it?

You'll need to be able to hike 2-3 miles over uneven and somewhat rugged terrain. Although most of our hiking is fairly easy, certain areas, such as lava fields, require a higher degree of physical ability. Nothing one doesn't encounter frequently as a nature photographer, though, and we'll be moving at a relaxed pace. If you're uncertain as to exactly what this entails, please contact me to discuss any concerns.

What time do we start, where do we meet, and when does the workshop end?

We'll meet up at noon on Monday, February 20th at Ken's House of Pancakes in Hilo. Ken's is ideally located very close to both the Hilo airport and the main waterfront area where most hotels are. Moreover, Ken's is a Hawaiian institution beloved by locals and tourists alike. It's open 24 hours a day, year round. After a short meet-and-greet, we'll hit the road and make our way to our first shooting location.

The workshop will officially conclude in the afternoon after a day of shooting on Friday, February 24th. We'll have a trip recap and image sharing to conclude things. I'll be happy to drop you off at either the Hilo airport or your hotel if you're staying an extra night, as long as it's in Hilo or the surrounding area.

How do I handle lodging reservations?

I've got that all taken care of for you! All you'll need to secure for yourself is a hotel room for the night before the start of the workshop (assuming you're flying in the day prior to our rendezvous on Monday, February 20th). If you're flying out the day after the workshop concludes on February 24th, then you'll need a hotel room for the night of the 24th as well. There are LOTS of hotels very close to the Hilo airport.

What kind of lodging can I expect?

We'll be staying at Arnott's Lodge, which is the #1 rated hotel in Hilo on Trip Advisor. It's truly a great spot to stay, and the staff are as friendly as they come. Yes, all rooms have AC and you will have your OWN room, with your OWN bathroom. (No bogus double-occupancy stuff like most other workshops do. Who wants to sleep with a stranger, anyway?)

What about meals/food?

You'll be responsible for buying your own meals throughout the workshop. However, we'll dine together as a group every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's just more fun that way! We can talk shop and trade stories from the day. I have knowledge of eating establishments throughout the island, so I always know where the best spot for grub is regardless of where we happen to be. Nonetheless, it's always a good idea to pick up some snacks and drinks for the road and/or trail. We'll be sure to make time for this.

Is transportation provided?

Yes! We'll have a nice, very capable SUV that will get all of us and our gear every place we need to be. We'll be doing some fairly adventurous 4-wheeling at times to get to remote locations, and you can rest easy because I have extensive 4-wheeling experience. So, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

What is the workshop itinerary?

Unlike most other photography workshops, mine does not have a set itinerary. There are two main reasons for this.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: Mother Nature. If there's one thing I've learned from leading photography workshops and doing nature photography it's that you MUST be able to keep things flexible and react quickly to whatever Mother Nature is doing. My job is to get you to the best places at the best possible times! Thus, it's always in our best interest to wait until Mother Nature reveals where to be and when. We never stop chasing the light!

THE OTHER REASON: Hawaii is an island. As such, we're never more than a few hours from ANYWHERE. Thus, there is no need to stick to a rigid plan.

If you're wondering which specific places we'll visit, feel free to contact me and inquire. Suffice it to say: we'll be covering a lot of the island, and will be going to most of the well-known locations as well as places that most other workshops aren't even aware of.

Does the workshop instructor shoot during the workshop?

Yes, I'll be shooting during the workshop, but in a limited capacity. The group's needs and wants come first and foremost. I often shoot right alongside the participants, helping them to expand their creative visions while on location.

Will I get to do any night photography?

Yes! The week of February 20th is a waning crescent moon, which means the sky will be fairly dark and thus perfect for night photography. We'll shoot from high elevations so the sky should be dazzlingly clear and the stars out of this world!

Will I learn Photoshop?

Yes! We're now solidly into an age of photography where the art of refining, retouching, blending and more in the digital darkroom is crucial for success. I'll delve into this often-challenging world with you and help you learn the ropes. In a short time, I can change much of what you know about processing your images and how you go about it. The insights I offer will give you a new-found freedom in the digital darkroom. To facilitate learning, ALL Photoshop sessions will be done in a classroom setting. *BRINGING YOUR OWN LAPTOP COMPUTER WITH ACR/LIGHTROOM AND PHOTOSHOP INSTALLED IS RECOMMENDED, BUT NOT REQUIRED.

How should I dress?

All participants should be prepared for a variety of weather conditions, which could easily include rain and snow and temperatures ranging from a steamy 90 degrees to a frosty 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Being that this is Hawaii, most of the time we'll be in warm climates. However, keep in mind that the Big Island has more various climates than any other similarly-sized piece of land on Earth. (Which, incidentally, is much of the reason why it is such a photographer's paradise.) Therefore, you need to be prepared!

Hiking shoes, flip-flops, shorts & T-shirts, long pants, rain gear, cold-weather gear, sun-tan lotion, sunglasses... you'll want to bring it ALL. Where else would you need all this stuff on one trip?!

Cancellation Policy

I'm serious about giving the best experience possible to my workshop participants so I limit our group size to small numbers to serve everyone’s best interests. To facilitate serious inquires only, I've instituted a strict registration, payment and cancellation policy. To hold your spot on this workshop requires a $495 registration fee. This fee is non-refundable should you cancel. Final payment of the balance owed for the workshop is due 30 days before the commencement of the workshop. Failure to pay the balance on time may result in cancellation of your registration. All workshop fees including final payment are non-refundable should you cancel. There are NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY. It is therefore highly recommended that you obtain trip cancellation insurance. All cancellation requests must be in writing and received either by US mail or E-mail.

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February 20th-24th, 2017

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